4 THEMES FOR 2019 GOALS – #1 Personal Goals – Fun, Family, Adventure & Relationships

Personal Goals – Fun, Family, Adventure & Relationships

The start of the year is a great opportunity to look at your personal life and think about what you wish you were doing more of, or could stop doing.

I read a book over the Christmas break and one chapter talked about the key to happiness is your relationships. This may relate to your time spent with your spouse, your family, your friends or other people in your life, and what do you wish you could change to improve these relationships.

How much fun and adventures did you do over the past year? What would you prefer to do more of this year? This could be on a daily or weekly basis, but could also be an annual adventure like holiday.

Start writing things down on paper or use your notes section on your phone. If you can spend a few minutes of each day over the next week, you will be amazed at what you can note down. Part of this list could go towards your bucket list – so you may not achieve it this year, but would like to achieve in the future.

Sometimes it may not even be a big goal or change – maybe it’s something that you start with changing today, they will be the first steps to starting a better routine, that helps make your life more joyful. I believe you can start with something – do you?

By Pat Hoey