Accountable AccountantsWe personally own investment properties, and deal with over 500 rental properties a year with our clients, so have plenty of years of experience and expertise to guide clients in buying, managing, selling and building their rental property portfolio. We know how to maximise your tax-deductible claims each year, to help minimise tax, and help with cashflow.


Pre-Purchase Diligence

Want to avoid buying the wrong rental property? Or use the best tax structure? Obtain the best loan rate? Can you afford a rental property?

We provide essential information and discuss issues that all property purchases and owners should consider when buying a rental property. Some of these issues to consider are:

  • Cash flow estimates and forecasting
  • Ownership structure
  • Tax consequences
  • Finance advice and structure
  • Gearing consequences
  • Land appreciates, and buildings depreciate
  • Aim for 40% of purchase cost being land value

Avoiding poor property choice options, so to avoid high Buying costs (stamp duty) and Selling costs (agents commission)


Pre-Purchase Diligence

Rental Yearly Cash Flow Estimates and Forecasts

One of the most significant details above is forecasting yearly cash flow management of a rental property, especially when you are borrowing to finance a property.

We have set up a ten year cash flow forecast that emphasises important issues of:

  • Rental income
  • Interest costs
  • Depreciation
  • Tax minimisation/maximum claim
  • Potential property growth

We highly recommend all clients to undertake this forecast before they purchase a property, so they can take into consideration the future cash flow affects before they purchase an investment property, and avoid costly mistakes and stressful cash flow issues.