4 THEMES FOR 2019 GOALS – #2 Physical – Body, Health, Mind, Fitness, Food & Drink

One of the most popular New Year’s Goals is about our body. This may relate to losing weight, starting fitness, eating healthier or reducing alcohol.

Setting a target and date can be easy goal, but then the key is to break that goal down into months and weeks, so you work on the small steps you need to achieve the big goal, and start to see the regular improvement.

As we get older, fitness exercise may start to include body management routines like yoga, pilates, regular massages or daily stretching, which helps the body cope with work or other exercise activities.

When you get your body feeling better, one area this helps with is our Mind – we start to enjoy ourselves more and live days a lot happier. The mind can also be worked on, be in the form of mindfulness or meditation, reading a book, or just completing some daily breathing exercises which could be done in the car, at a break at work, or at home.

Hopefully you can set a target, then start to do something today, which if you can continue for a few weeks, will become a habit that is the part of your normal routine in your life. To keep you on track, don’t forget how you will FEEL once you achieve or get near your goal – and how that will make a positive impact to you, and how you spend your time with family and friends. So let’s start to make a change today!

By Patrick Hoey