At Account(able) we provide access to a team that can assist you in establishing and running a Self-Managed Super Fund that will enable you to reach your savings and retirement goals.

Running an SMSF can be a time consuming and complex task for a trustee. As trustee you have to grow your fund, control your investment strategy, review investment returns, pay benefits, keep up to date with superannuation law, reduce tax, prepare annual reports and have these reports audited. You have to wear the hats of an accountant, financial planner, investment manager, solicitor and valuer to name a few. The team at Account(able) take the worry out of these tasks allowing you to focus on your retirement and your family.

We help you:

  • Establish a Self-Managed Super Fund
  • Develop and regularly review your plan to save for a comfortable retirement
  • Grow you retirement savings through borrowings and contributions
  • Pay benefits from your SMSF in case of death, retirement or ill health
  • Controlling your SMSF benefits
  • Protect your retirement nest egg through estate planning
  • Keep proper records to comply with super rules
  • Exit your SMSF, wind-up of or conversion to a small APPRA Fund