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With 5 rounds competed in the AFL season, where is your team situated for the season so far?  Are they still aiming for top 4 or a premiership, or maybe just the final 8?  This could be similar to what your plans and targets are for your work or business, or even in your personal life. What were your plans and aspirations for 2021, and now we are in April, how are they looking so far? As you should always relook at where you are with your goals, and adjust where needed.

Or maybe you haven’t yet set any goals or challenges for 2021 – but it’s not too late to start something.  What is it that you would like to improve on or change?  Remember you can’t expect different results, unless you make a change – so turn off the tv or social media, and spend 30 minutes thinking what you would like to improve in your life.

Just like getting injuries in your own football team, which affects how your side is traveling, you will hit some hurdles along the way.  I’ve recently started getting sore body and tight muscles – and realised that at start of the year I set a goal to do yoga once a week, but haven’t done any yoga the last few weeks. So I’ve now refocused and set this as a priority in my weekly routine, as I know the importance of it to me, and how it improves what other things I want to do.

And whilst looking at you 2021 goals and aspirations – make sure you remember the WHY!  Why is this goal important to you?  As this is what helps you get up in the morning and want to achieve your goal.  So it maybe to improve your health, or help towards retirement, or go on that family holiday, or spend more time pursuing your passions – whatever it is – there is a reason WHY it is so important to you, which sometimes you need to remind yourself of this, and how you will feel once you’ve accomplished your 2021 goal.

By Patrick Hoey – FCPA – director at Account(able) Accountants

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