If you’re wondering how you’ll make ends meet this silly season, check out these tips on how to spend, without spending every cent.

Summer in Australia can often be one of the busiest times of year with end-of-year work parties, Christmas, family gatherings, mini holiday breaks, not to mention New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

If you’ve been saving for something big or are just cringing at the thought of how you’ll make ends meet over the holiday period, don’t freak out yet. There are plenty of ways you can still have fun without spending all your savings or racking up serious debt on your credit card.

How to take on summer without spending a fortune

  1. Diarise your upcoming events. Knowing what’s happening and how much you’re likely to fork out will help you to manage your cash and allocate what you need for each occasion.
  2. Take turns entertaining at home. This can significantly reduce the money you and your mates spend on eating out, particularly if everyone is happy to bring their favourite signature dish, juice of choice or fruit sorbet when temperatures are running high.
  3. Make the most of the warm weather. Hit the beach, head to the local playground, or pack a picnic basket and enjoy a barbecue at a nearby park. It won’t involve entry fees and depending where you go, you could load up the fishing rods or even a footy for a friendly game.
  4. Take an esky.You’ll save a fortune on food and cold drinks no matter what’s on the agenda.
  5. Look out for meal and beverage specials.There are plenty of places where you can find two-for-one offers and other great deals. Websites like can give you some ideas and you may even find some new alfresco venues you haven’t been to along the way.
  6. Travel smart. Carpool, get a lift, catch public transport, or ride a bike. Too many Taxis and Ubers can drain funds, particularly if you’re not keeping a record of how often you use them.
  7. Cut accommodation costs. Bunk with mates, house sit swap accommodation, volunteer your skills for a place to stay, or have a staycation where you check out attractions close to home.
  8. Search for holiday deals online.Look at comparison websites for flights, accommodation and transport. Doing your homework can often mean more spending money in your pocket.
  9. Stick to using cash as much as possible. When you pay in cash there’s no risk of you having to pay added interest charges. Plus, leaving your cards at home means you’re less likely to go over your budget as you can’t say—I’ll just take out another $100.
  10. Trade with friends. If you’ve got more outings that outfits lined up, rather than hit the shops, borrow something from a mate. It doesn’t have to stop with clothes either. You could exchange homes for the week, swap movies, or trade sporting gear like bikes and fishing rods.
  11. Research free events.Look up what’s on in your local area. There are often a variety of things happening over summer, such as food and wine festivals, street fairs and markets.

Whatever your agenda over the holidays, it’s important to have a realistic plan when it comes to your money. Give yourself some room for movement and still aim to avoid that financial hangover.